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See-N-Read® Reading tools  Reading Speed and Comprehension

Reading intervention tools that really work!

  • Reduce word and line skipping and "pattern glare”
  • Reduce distractions on the page
  • Research-based assistive reading technology
  • Proven RtI Solution


Research-Based Design is classroom-tested in Grade 2 through College   

Excellent for readers of all ages and skill levels in regular, remedial and special education environments; even works for adults who are fatigued or are reading complex materials.     


What are See-N-Read® Reading Tools?

  • They are research-based (U.S. Patent No. 7,954,444) and classroom-tested intervention tools for struggling readers that help them to see, focus, and remember what they read.
  • Helps readers to concentrate on and track text and smoothly move across the words being read without losing their place, even when changing lines ("sweeping")            
  • Helps readers control their eye movements across the text on a page.
  • Note: Related terms such as reading guide strips, reading highlight strips, reader strips, reading hiliter strips are used but, currently, all other such products do not hold a U.S. Patent and, typically, are not research-based

Who may need See-N-Read®?

  • Readers of any age who skip words or lines while reading or have trouble focusing their eyes (they may say “The words move on the page”…this is called pattern glare). Effective reading intervention strategies are essential for these readers.
  • Readers with reading speed and comprehension deficiencies; fatigued readers.

What we know about Left to Right Eye Movement and Reading:

  • Reading left to right is not an innate skill. The left to right reading process is a learned act. Some readers manage this process easily and others need help to smoothly move their eyes across a page of text. This is usually a trainable issue with the use of fluency interventions such as See-N-Read®, MemoryMark and eSee-N-Read Reading Tools.

Why does See-N-Read® work?

  • Clear “ReadBar™” keeps readers’ eyes focused on the proper line (controls ‘visual field’), improving reading comprehension.
  • Shaded transparent areas filter out distractions on the page (other text, pictures) without blocking surrounding context, so readers’ eyes see larger ‘chunks’ of text (chunking reading strategy)..
  • Supports control of eye movement for smooth reading and line transitions left to right and top to bottom (“sweeping”), helping the reader to improve reading skill by training their eyes to move in the same way as accomplished readers' do.   

How is See-N-Read® used?

  • Lay it on the page and simply read the text in the clear window, moving See-N-Read® down the page.  Some improvement is immediate…no ‘training’ is necessary to start.
  • Re-read through the upper shaded transparent area without removing the tool from the page (opaque 'reading strips' require this), thus keeping the reader’s place, a common issue for word and line skippers.

How versatile is See-N-Read®?

  • See-N-Read® is a tool that can be used with any curriculum or general reading material or with any programs that are intended to improve reading skills or are aimed at improving reading comprehension.
  • See-N-Read® comes in two sizes: “Book” (5 ½” x 3” for smaller books) and “Document” (8 ½” x 3” for larger books and printed documents).
  • The clear reading window fits most commonly used font sizes (up to 20 font).

Does See-N-Read® have endorsements from health and education professionals?

  • See-N-Read® enjoys endorsements from medical, cognitive processing, vision therapy and education professionals who recognize them as truly effective interventions for reading.
  • The "proof of the pudding" is that these practitioners and researchers use See-N-Read® in their practices.

How affordable is See-N-Read®?

  • Improves reading for less than some people spend for one cup of coffee.

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See-N-Read's practical design (U.S. Patent No. 7,954,444) effectively and inexpensively addresses the "how to improve reading speed and comprehension" dilemma. It is based on extensive research in the fields of reading, learning theory, dyslexia, ophthalmology, psychology, visual processing and cognitive processing.

See-N-Read's clear reading window (ReadBar™) is surrounded by a non-glare tinted transparent finish, allowing readers to see text in "chunks" instead of as individual words. This controlled visibility helps readers to focus on the information being read in the clear ReadBar™ while simultaneously tracking ahead to upcoming information using peripheral vision. Unlike opaque reading guide strips, See-N-Read® enables readers to make smooth line-to-line transitions without stopping (i.e., "sweeping"), thus enhancing reading fluency. See-N-Read® supports a 'chunking' reading strategy, allowing information to remain visible without distracting the reader from the current text, thus improving reading comprehension. In addition, the transparent shaded area above the ReadBar™ enables rereading while keeping the place on the page.

See-N-Read® is an assistive reading technology that is a proven RtI solution for eye tracking, fluency and comprehension issues identified during the Response to Intervention process.

Made in USA

Available in two sizes:
• Book size: 5 1⁄2” x 3”
• Document size: 8 1⁄2” x 3”

Download PDFs:
See-N-Read® Features-Benefits See-N-Read® Price List

Product comparison PDF

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