How to Increase Reading Comprehension
Reading Fluency
Interventions for Struggling Readers
Reading Fluency
Chunking Reading Strategy
Assistive Reading Technology
Fluency Interventions
Improve Reading Comprehension
Assistive Reading Technology
Improve Reading Skills
Improving Reading Comprehension
Chunking Reading Strategy
Assistive Reading Technology

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Reading Intervention Tools that really work!

See-N-Read® Reading Tools fulfill your search for...

Effective reading fluency interventions

An effective way to improve reading comprehension

A researched and tested way to improve reading skill

Reduces word- and line-skippingResearch-based and classroom-tested

These "reading highlight strips" are a patented (U.S. Patent No. 7,954,444) and proven assistive reading technology that addresses poor eye tracking

and other reading remediation issues.

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Aligned with Common Core State Standards and STAAR™


Improve spelling skills, expand academic vocabulary!

  • 40-page booklet is simple to use and unintimidating
  • Find the correct spelling of 300+ most commonly used American words.
  • Includes 'sound-alike' words (homophones)
  • Alphabetically lists the most commonly misspelled words in American English

Helps users to expand their 'social' vocabulary into their written work

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Just what is the Main Idea?    

Ask 10 teachers how to find the main idea and get 15 good (but different) answers.

ColorTAG™ Study Recall System is a quick and easy research-based process in kit form to help students identify the main idea when reading or writing, thus improving study skills and recall.  

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