eSee-N-Readelectronic Reading Tool

Reading and Instruction Tool for PCs


eSee-N-Read™ offers all of the benefits of See-N-Read® Reading Tools (and much more) right on your personal computer. Accurately read web sites, on-screen documents, spreadsheets, even standardized tests. The reading strip/ tool works with interactive white boards and PC projection devices.

eSee-N-Read™ works on any PC Online Reading Tool 


  • Improves fluency / comprehension
  • Reduces word- and line-skipping
  • increase on-screen reading speed
  • Reduces screen-induced eye strain
  • Green” Product – reduces printing of online content

eSee-N-Read™ is an innovative electronic reading tool that enhances your on-screen reading experience by highlighting information in a clear reading window (ReadBar™). The moveable and shapeable ReadBar™ is surrounded by a transparent shaded area that allows on-screen visibility while reducing distractions, screen glare and eye strain.

See-n-Read® Reading Tools’ design (U.S. Patent No. 7,954,444) is based on research in reading, learning theory, visual discrimination, cognitive processing, ophthalmology and psychology.

Reading  Reading and Comprehension


  • The reading strip helps readers focus on on-screen text or data
  • Reduces word- and line-skipping
  • Reduces fatigue and eye strain
  • Entire tool and/or ReadBar™ (clear window) can be easily resized, modified and shaped to fit user needs, equipment or environment
  • Open as many at once as needed
  • Research shows the color to be least distracting for the most people
  • Depth of color can be varied from light to dark

On-Screen Instruction  On Screen Instuction


  • Use with PC projection devices or interactive white boards
  • The reading strip highlights specific passages or data to help presenters focus their audiences on key points
  • User can change orientation, size or shape of the tool and/or ReadBar™ to highlight specific text, data or images
  • User can increase the depth of color of the shaded areas surrounding key text to obscure distractions (e.g., internet ads)
  • Open several at once to emphasize multiple key points (e.g., math operations)
  • Reduces screen glare

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For Mobile Users

For the moment, IPads and other mobile device programming does not allow “screen overlays”, which is how eSee-N-Read™ works, so there is currently not a mobile version of See-N-Read® Reading Tools.

However, as always, our customers came up with a great solution:
They told us that they lay the hand held See-N-Read® right over the screen of their tablet and it works just like using a book!