See-NRead® Learning Tool Products:
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See-NRead®Reading Tools (U.S. Patent No. 7,954,444) The reading strip reduces word and line skipping and pattern glare without blocking context, allowing ‘sweeping’ and ‘chunking’ to occur and improving fluency and comprehension.


MemoryMark offers all of the benefits of See-NRead® plus the cut out window allows the reader to make notes, underline or highlight key text while keeping the place on the page.

eSee-N-Readelectronic Reading and Instruction Tool for PCs provides the benefits of See-N-Read® (and more) right on a computer, as well as interactive white board compatibility for classroom instruction and presentation.


See-N-SpellSpelling and Vocabulary Quick Reference Guide helps struggling writers to spell the most commonly used words in the American lexicon correctly, while helping improve academic vocabulary and building their confidence .


ColorTAG Study Recall System helps readers and writers to systematically read, organize and retrieve key information, aiding identification and recall of the main idea and supporting details of passages versus non‐essential information.


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