The following individuals and organizations have endorsed and provided testimonials for See-N-Read® learning tools.      BeFunky_Adult Man Reading.png

Clinical Endorsements: 

♦  Neuropsychologist Endorsement

♦  Visual Researcher Endorsement

♦  Vision Therapist Endorsement

 Northern Illinois University:

♦  See-N-Read® is being showcased in “The Encyclopedia of Assistive Technology”. Created and produced by Northern Illinois University [PDF]


Testimonials from Public School 3rd Grade teachers and students from Illinois and Texas who participated in the study. 

Study Results

Study Student Results

Teacher responses from Illinois and Texas who completed a survey based on their students’ use of the See-N-Read® Reading Tool. They have graciously agreed to allow their comments to be included in our web site.

♦  Teacher Testimonials

 Students in each pilot program anonymously completed a short survey explaining in their own words the positive impact the See-n-read™ had on their reading experiences.

(See-N-Read‘s pilot name for the research study was Read Easy.)

◊   Student Testimonials Set ‘A’:

◊   Student Testimonials Set ‘B’: 

◊   Student Testimonials Set ‘C’:

◊   Student Testimonials Set ‘D’:

 General Public Testimonials: These testimonials are from individuals who are not educators but have used See-N-Read® Reading Tools to help themselves, family, or friends.

◊  Heather Liffition (Helped brother)

◊  Judi Rush (Helped mother)

◊  Linda (Divinity Student)

♦  Educational Blog Reviews of See-N-Read® Reading Tool

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