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We asked teachers about the most significant obstacles to studying (and writing) that students face. A very common answer was “finding the main idea”. Students, when reading or writing, tend to try to ‘focus on everything’ instead of boiling the topic down to its key elements. Even when they attempt to determine key information, they tend to highlight entire paragraphs and end up missing the essence of the information in the fog of ‘too much stuff’. ColorTAG™ Study Recall System is a research based process for identifying the main idea and supporting details and it comes in a convenient kit that supports both teachers and students. Its design is aligned with Common Core and STAAR™. Click on ColorTAG™ Study Recall System



Dr. Smith (creator of See-N-Read® Learning Tools) participates:

♦ As a keynote speaker for DuPage Children’s Museum Conference

♦ As panelist at Northern Illinois University Community Learning Series, panel discussion on “Women Educators in Science, Technology and Leadership” with other distinguished alumni.

As Board Member of Giant Steps School for Autism, Inc.



U.S. Patent Awarded:

♦ See-N-Read® received U.S. Patent No. 7,954,444 after a rigorous 4-year application process.



See-N-Read® Learning Tools Perspectives

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Common Core State Standards and STAAR™ Alignment PDFs:

See-N-Spell™ Spelling and Vocabulary Quick Reference Guide [PDF]
ColorTAG™ Study Recall System [PDF]


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