Every child deserves the opportunity to thrive and explore the wonders of reading. However, for children with special needs, this journey can be filled with unique challenges. Fortunately, the digital age has ushered in a wealth of assistive reading tools that not only open up the world of literature but also cater to the diverse needs of these exceptional young learners. See-n-Read is an accessible online platform designed to enhance the reading abilities of children with special needs. This platform offers evidence-based tools that can improve focus, comprehension, and fluency, all within the comfort of your own home. It serves as a user-friendly resource for individuals seeking effective reading assistance.

The following are some assistive reading tools created by a team of experts at See-N-Read:


See-N-Read’s primary product is a specialized reading strip designed for readers with special needs. It maintains straight lines and proper spacing in workbooks, tests, and printed documents. This reduces eye strain, enabling extended reading. The slim, transparent plastic strips guide the reader’s eyes, improving speed and comprehension. The tool helps prevent readers from skipping lines or jumping back and forth between lines, improving their reading speed and comprehension. They also reduce glare and enhance contrast for easier reading. These strips are helpful for individuals with special needs.


eSee-n-Read is an electronic reading aid that uses technology to highlight text, monitor reading progress, and offer feedback on reading speed and understanding. Tailored for students with special needs, it eases the challenges of reading digital content like web pages, digital documents, and standardized tests. Available in various formats, including software, apps, and digital devices, eSee-n-Read provides interactive assistance. Readers facing eye strain and fatigue can personalize font sizes, colors, and backgrounds for a more comfortable and accessible reading experience.


See-n-Spell is a valuable asset for individuals with special needs seeking to improve their spelling and vocabulary skills. This user-friendly reference manual encompasses an extensive compilation of around 300 frequently utilized American English words. Its organized and easily accessible format across 40 pages makes it an indispensable aid for writers of all ages who may require additional support. Whether you are a student striving to strengthen language skills or a professional writer aiming for improvement, See-n-Spell emerges as an outstanding resource to assist you in attaining your linguistic goals.


ColorTag is a carefully designed memory aid aligned with educational standards like the Common Core and STAAT, specifically tailored to the unique requirements of students with special needs. This reading tool utilizes transparent overlays in various colors to support reading and comprehension. It’s a vital asset for individuals with special needs. Through a strategic color-coding system, ColorTag simplifies text, helping readers identify and remember crucial information. In the world of assistive reading tools for students with special needs, ColorTag stands out as a transformative resource, promoting improved retention, comprehension, and learning.

To maximize the benefits of See-N-Read tools for students with special needs, it is crucial to promote a consistent usage pattern. Encourage students to make regular use of these tools to enhance their reading and comprehension abilities. The key is introducing See-N-Read Tools gradually, allowing students to feel empowered as they develop their skills at their own pace. Begin with a single tool and gradually incorporate additional tools as necessary. To learn more about See-n-Read tools, visit 2533 Sutton Lane | Aurora, IL 60502-9461, or call 630-236-5592.