Kids with dyslexia face problems in reading correctly and effortlessly. They also find difficult to spell, write and comprehend words. However, patience and perseverance on the part of parents as well as teachers is the key to helping a child overcome and manage this disability.

Listed below are some more signs associated with dyslexia.

  • Difficulty in understanding word problems in Math
  • Trouble in recognizing common sight words
  • Inability to identify letters and matching them with sounds
  • Frequently re-reading words and sentences

In order to help your child get over his reading problems, there are a number of steps that can be taken. Some of these are listed below:

  • Use Reading Tools: An easy and effective way of helping children with dyslexia is to make use of reading tools. These can help in development of reading, spelling and writing skills. A series of structured exercises and reading activities can also be designed to help kids see reading as a fun activity.
  • Set Realistic Goals: Improvement in reading skills happens over a period of time and it is important to take small steps. For instance, you can set a reading practice target for your kid daily or make him read a specific number of books in a month. These short term goals can help you to cover the long journey and make your child a better reader.
  • Don’t Let Poor Spellings Affect Your Child: Kids with dyslexia will have trouble coping with spelling tests. Teach your child to handle this difficulty and give him the freedom to express whatever he wants to convey. Use a dictionary or spell-check and help your child cope with poor spellings. You can even assist your child in making his own personal dictionary that can be referred to in case he spells a word incorrectly.
  • Read To Your Child: Children who struggle with reading issues need to be read to every day. You can read aloud to your child on a daily basis. This will help to improve his language skills apart from developing comprehension. Since a struggling reader focuses more on the pronunciation, he may not get the meaning of the text. But when you read aloud, the child gets a chance to focus on the word meanings. This eventually promotes creativity and helps a child to develop background knowledge.


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