Fluency defines the ability to read with speed, accuracy and proper expression. Fluency speeds up the reading and makes it easier to comprehend complex text by improving vocabulary. It has immense impact on performance across all areas of the curriculum including writing skills. However, some readers may have reading disabilities that hamper their skills to read a text fluently.

Here are a few strategies to develop fluency in struggling readers:

• Allow Students To Read Aloud: If readers are facing problem in reading certain sound-letter combination or words, they should be allowed to read aloud. This will help tutors in identifying and providing targeted help.

• Use Tools To Follow Along: Fluency issues may be caused by word or line jumping. So, ask the struggling readers to use a ruler, finger or specially designed reading tools to follow along the text. This helps in improving focus on the sentence being read leading to better fluency.

• Read The Same Thing Several Times: Repetitive exposure to the words and phrases helps the reader by etching out the text in his memory. This strategy is helpful in improving the fluency and comprehension of the text as it gives the reader extended time to understand the conceptual cues.

• Pre-Teach Vocabulary: Teach the words a student is going to see in a text and practice reading them in isolation or in phrases. It will be much easier to read a word if it is fresh in memory.

• Drill Sight Words: Sight words are common words that constitute 90 percent of the text. Writing down these words and teaching them to the struggling readers before a reading exercise will help them in being fluent when reading the text.

• Use Variety Of Books & Materials: Where fluency is concerned, the emphasis should be laid on the quality of the student’s reading. Make use of reading tools and materials that excite the readers and are of interest to them.

• Try Different Fonts & Text Sizes: There are specific fonts and text sizes that are more appropriate for anyone with learning difficulties, including dyslexia. Using a colored background for the text can also be useful in building fluency in case of some readers.

• Create Stress-Free Environment: Motivate the readers to follow their pace and focus on the quality of reading. It is important to create a stress-free environment by removing any deadlines or assessment goals as anxiety may negatively affect the fluency in struggling readers.

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