A learning disability is a condition that affects the processing and expression of information by an individual. The condition affects a child’s written expression, computation skills, comprehension, spelling and problem solving skills. A little awareness on learning disabilities and their management can help the afflicted in leading a normal life with minimal issues.

Following are some frequently asked questions about learning disabilities:

  • Does A Learning Disability Affect One’s Ability To Learn? Not at all. Children with learning disabilities are just as intelligent and capable of learning as their peers. All they need is a different approach while being taught something.
  • What Are The Main Signs Of A Learning Disability? Learning disabilities can be a little tricky to spot but luckily there are some psychological tests to help in identifying them. It is advisable to meet a reputed psychologist who may conduct certain tests to help in detecting a learning disability.
  • What Are The Main Types Of Learning Disabilities? The main types of learning disabilities are dyslexia (reading difficulties), dyscalculia (difficulties with math), dysgraphia (writing problems), dyspraxia (issues with fine motor skills), dysphasia (difficulty with language), auditory processing disorder and visual processing disorder.
  • Is ADHD A Learning Disability? ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is not a learning disability. However, there are people with both conditions. A learning disability can be diagnosed only through psychoeducational tests by a psychologist but ADHD, being a medical condition can be diagnosed by a medical doctor such as a psychiatrist.
  • What Are The Causes Of A Learning Disability? The main causes of learning disabilities are still unknown. However, some schools of thought believe that it may be a genetic condition whereas others attribute the condition to factors prevailing at the time of conception and during birth.
  • How To Help A Person With A Learning Disability? The biggest help for kids with learning disabilities is a supportive environment. Such kids may require special learning centers apart from schools for extra assistance. Resources like calculators, computers, tape recorders, online assistance, etc. can make a huge difference in helping such kids understand what they are learning.
  • Can One Outgrow The Disability? Learning disorders stay for life but it is possible to manage them with right assistance. However, adults with learning disabilities can be as successful as their counterparts without the condition.
  • Will My Child With A Learning Disability Require Special Education? Most students with learning disabilities need just a few years in a special education class after which they can learn in regular classes with in-class assistance.

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