Reading skills are one of the most essential principles of learning. With fine reading skills, a child will be better able to understand the subject taught at school and improve academic grades. It is important that these skills are inculcated in the child right from his early school years. However, after struggling to read all day in the school, children might resist learning at home. This can be avoided by introducing some strategies that can instigate their interest in reading and encourage them to stay focused.

Here are some fun ways to improve your child’s reading skills:

  • Comic Books:You can set aside some time each day when your child can read his favorite comic book. Graphic illustrations can be of great help to make the child concentrate and connect to the context of the reading material. With large sized eye-catchy pictures and segmented bits of text, kids find comics easier to read than plain text books.
  • Surround Them With Reading Material: If you provide your child with a wide collection of books at home, he will be more inclined to read them. However, these should not just include their text books. Include a variety of genres that will stimulate his curiosity and encourage reading. Apart from books you can also include other reading material such as newspapers, magazines, websites etc.
  • Online Games: There are a wide range of online games that can help kids to build vocabulary which, in turn, improve reading skills. These may include word scrabble, picture word matching, crossword puzzles etc.
  • Relate Reading To Various Aspects: You can consider generalizing a reading material so as to help the child understand its essence. After completing the reading task, hold a discussion with the child about how the content related with other books, TV shows or even real life experiences. This will help the child think deeply about the context and comprehend the message that the writer actually wanted to convey.
  • Read To Each Other: When you read stories or books to your child, he is more likely to understand rather than while reading on his own. Subsequently, ask him to read to you in order to evaluate improvement in his reading skills and correct him wherever necessary.

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