Incorporating technology in education is believed to increase student engagement, spark innovation, enhance learning and encourage collaboration. Students can now use learning management systems to access online courses and avail help from teachers across the globe. With availability of such information, the process of learning has become boundless.

Let us take a look at the different ways in which technology has impacted the modern-day learning environment:

  • Provides Better Access To Resources: Technology has made it possible for students to have 24/7 access to various learning resources. These resources include educational apps, interactive edutainment, resources from prestigious educational institutes around the world, research materials, e-books, audio-books, wikis and cloud-based apps for online discussions, etc.
  • Improves Student Engagement: The process of learning has become collaborative and interactive due to engaging course material. Students can be a part of interactive quizzes, tech-enabled discussion forums, educational games, virtual science labs, virtual field trips, etc.
  • Encourages Self-Paced Learning: Online assignments take away the pressure of catching up with fellow classmates, as a student can complete an assignment at his own pace. They can also access additional coursework and guided exercises after school on the internet.
  • Expands Classroom Boundaries: Technology has dissolved classroom walls as students have access to numerous teachers and resources on the internet. They are no longer bound to a single teacher within the walls of a classroom.
  • Innovative Learning Techniques: Technology has provided new and innovative techniques for teaching students in the classroom. Students can watch video-recorded lectures, access materials provided by teachers online, use learning tools, etc.
  • Effective Assessments: Students can be assessed more effectively with the help of technology. It is easier to track their progress accurately in the form of digital assessments and analyze their learning graph in the class and get a better insight into their overall progress.
  • Open Education: Free resources are available on the internet for students in need of additional information. These resources are in the form of micro-learning courses, archives by prestigious colleges, endless articles, videos, etc.
  • Simulation And Modeling: Technology has made it possible for all types of learners to access information as per their liking. Visual or tactile learners can improve their understanding of difficult concepts with the help of technological advancements like digital simulations and modeling. Simulation software makes it possible for students to see innovative activities without leaving the classroom. For example, they can see how dinosaurs lived, the development of a tornado, planetary movements, etc. Modeling software allows students to experience the dynamic characteristics of models and not just view them in static form.


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