Reading fluency is an essential skill to master. It is the ability to read precisely, smoothly with an impeccable speech expression. With multiple benefits of reading such as increased mental ability, emotional intelligence & communication skills; it also uplifts the academic performance of a child. Let us delve deeper to understand how reading fluency helps in academic grades.

Builds Coordination Between Recognition & Comprehension

Fluency in reading helps to build a strong coordination & connection between word recognition and understanding. It allow students to comprehend the text without have to read it multiple times. This saves a good amount of time and empower children to learn their lessons within a lot less time. Moreover, it makes learning process more convenient & smooth.

Increased Focus & Retention

Reading acumen & academic outcome is strongly interrelated. With good reading skills, a student is able to utilize his focus to grasp knowledge and develops deeper understanding of the written text. Children tends to build efficacy to pay attention, retain information and engage into silent reading. Their concentration doesn’t get diverged; as for a fluent reader, reading becomes more of an organic & spontaneous process.  Furthermore, it helps to polish cognitive skills of a child, thereby expanding the dimensions of his/her mental capabilities.

Builds Confidence

Competency in reading is one of those skills which boost confidence in children. It empowers them to present themselves with conviction. By adding wings to their zeal, they feel encouraged to achieve more in academics.

 Enhanced Expression of Speech

With a good command over reading, a child is more likely to develop a better expression of speech. They become better in explaining things & facts, which eventually prepares them to be a part of debate and declamation competitions. A clear speech with rich expression is a skill which brings a lot of positive outcomes in academics as well as in life in general.

All these factors eventually contributes in acquiring good academic grades & performance.

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