Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) is a neurodevelopmental condition that affects millions of children and adults worldwide. It can make it challenging for individuals to focus, organize information, and remember details, which can impact academic performance, work productivity, and daily life activities. Symptoms of ADD include inattention, hyperactivity, impulsivity, forgetfulness, and difficulty following directions, among others. While medication and therapy are effective treatment options for ADD, See-N-Read tools can be a helpful aid for students with the condition. See-N-Read tools are designed to improve reading, comprehension, and organizational skills, making it easier for students with ADD to learn and retain information. These tools come in various forms, including reading strips, overlays, windows, and electronic devices, among others, and are specifically designed to reduce eye strain and improve focus, making reading and writing seamlessly for individuals with ADD.

Let us delve deeper into how See-N-Read tools can help students with ADD improve their reading and comprehension skills:

  • Reading Tools: See-N-Read reading tools are designed to help individuals with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) improve their reading skills and comprehension. These tools include reading strips, overlays, and windows, which can be placed over the text to help individuals focus on the words they are reading. The tools are specifically designed to reduce eye strain, making it easier for individuals with ADD to read for extended periods without becoming fatigued. The reading strips are slim, transparent plastic strips that can be placed over text to help guide the reader’s eyes from one line to the next. These strips help to prevent readers from skipping lines or jumping back and forth between lines, improving their reading speed and comprehension. Overlays reduce glare and increase contrast, making it easier for readers to distinguish between letters and words.
  • eSee-N-Read: The eSee-N-Read tool is an electronic reading tool that uses computer technology to highlight text, track reading progress, and provide feedback on reading speed and comprehension. This tool is designed for students who need additional assistance with reading and comprehension. These tools come in a variety of formats, including software programs, apps, and digital devices, and are designed to provide interactive support for readers. Readers with ADD, who may struggle with eye strain and fatigue while reading, can adjust font sizes, colors, and backgrounds to make reading more comfortable and accessible.
  • See-n-Spell: See-n-Spell is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to improve their spelling and vocabulary skills. This convenient reference handbook contains a comprehensive list of up to 300 commonly used American English words, making it an invaluable tool for writers of all ages. The guide is designed for easy at-a-glance use, with the words presented in an organized and user-friendly format across 40 pages. Whether you’re a student, a professional writer, or just someone who wants to improve their language skills, See-n-Spell is an excellent resource that can help you achieve your goals.
  • ColorTag Reading Guide: ColorTag reading guide is a reading tool that uses colored transparent overlays to help students read and comprehend information. It is a unique tool that uses color coding to help individuals with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) improve their reading skills and comprehension. The different colors help to reduce eye strain and improve concentration, making it easier for students with ADD to read and understand information. Color coding helps to break down the text into manageable chunks, making it easier for readers to identify and remember important information. The tags also provide a visual cue for readers, helping them to stay engaged with the material and avoid distractions.

Tips for Using See-N-Read Tools for Students with ADD:

  • Encourage Consistent Use: To get the most out of See-N-Read Tools, it’s important to encourage consistent use. Students with ADD should use these tools regularly to improve their reading and comprehension skills.
  • Introduce the Tools Gradually: Introduce See-N-Read Tools gradually so that they feel empowered to develop their skill at their own pace. Start with a single tool and gradually introduce additional tools as needed.
  • Monitor Progress: Monitor students’ progress to see if See-N-Read Tools are effective. If students are not improving, it may be time to try a different tool or seek additional assistance.

While ADD can present unique challenges for students, See-N-Read tools offer a viable solution to help students with the condition improve their academic performance and overall quality of life. By reducing eye strain, improving focus, and enhancing organizational skills, See-N-Read tools can provide individuals with ADD the support they need to thrive academically and beyond. Contact See-n-Read today at 630-236-5592 or visit 2533 Sutton Lane | Aurora, IL 60502-9461. You can also connect on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and YouTube for more information on tools and techniques to improve concentration.

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