The accurate learning skills and strategies help in getting the most out of a course/subject, attaining academic success, improving memory, managing time, taking better notes and other important aspects. The most important learning skills are critical thinking, effective communication, creative thinking and collaborating.

Essential ways with which one can acquire effective learning skills are:

  • Be Prepared: Before attending a lecture, be prepared for the lesson to be taught in order to boost your understanding and performance. Prepare in advance by going through your books and learning material in order to retain information better and clarify doubts faster.
  • Be Punctual: Punctuality improves learning by boosting concentration levels, being relaxed during a learning session and absorbing information better as the mind is relaxed. It also minimizes distractions and ensures a class progresses smoothly.
  • Be Organized: Learn how to take neat notes and keep them organized for future reference. Keeping study material organized and accessible saves time on looking for supplies and finding relevant notes.
  • Take Notes: One way of effective learning is to take notes of what is being taught in class. This improves the process of reviewing a topic and the retention of lessons.
  • Recognize Your Learning Style: Research on various learning styles and choose one that suits you. Figure out whether you learn better by writing, listening or by using reading and learning tools. Learning with a style that suits you will boost your understanding of a topic and improve your performance.
  • Clarify Doubts: It is a good practice to note down questions that need clarification before attending a lecture. This helps in clarifying doubts as and when they crop up, thus facilitating a better understanding of the lesson. Having a query improves the learning experience as it keeps you alert and engaged during the class in order to clarify a pending doubt.
  • Create A Work Station: Allotting a specific spot for studying boosts productivity and improves learning. You can save a lot of time by stocking your study spot with materials you require e.g. pens, highlighters, books, notepads, sticky-notes, etc. It should be a well-lit distraction-free place with proper ventilation to prevent boredom and exhaustion from long study sessions.
  • Develop A Schedule: Developing a schedule helps to determine what to study, when to study and how to study to improve the quality of learning. In order to develop an effective schedule, it is important to be disciplined in following the schedule by setting a time limit for assignments and tasks.

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