Comprehension can be defined as the ability to understand & analyze the written text correctly. It is the coordination & connection between word recognition and its interpretation. The two essential components of reading comprehension are vocabulary knowledge and reading proficiency.

Consider the following suggestions to develop comprehension skills in students.



Vocabulary is an integral part of comprehension skills. Let students explore different forms of writing, multisensory tools like graphic organizers, flashcards & word walls, take vocabulary quizzes, and use audio dictionaries & reading tools like Vocabulary Quick Reference Guide. All these sources unfurl a diversified set of words and phrases that enhance vocabulary knowledge. Try to use newly learned words in verbal and written communication. Knowing the meaning of words & their context improves the ability to comprehend the meaning of the text.  


Reading Aloud

Read aloud to your students and encourage reciprocal teaching. This address numerous language barriers, enhances phonic skills, improves grammar & speech, etc. Engage your students in interactive sessions like group discussions, question-answer sessions, and game-based reading.  Additionally, reading aloud involves multiple senses, which makes the process more effective.



Ask students to summarize a story or a piece of writing after having read it thoroughly. In this process, a student needs to identify the key idea and then write it in their own words. The process of understanding & then deciphering the central thought of a text is an important element of comprehension skills.



Fluency in reading helps to pace up the process of word recognition and its interpretation. It allows students to comprehend the text without reading it multiple times. Fluency boosts academic performance and strengthens analytical abilities & speech expression.


Reading tools

Take assistance of highly effective reading tools like ‘The Reading Strip’ that reduces word and line skipping and pattern glare without blocking context, allowing ‘sweeping’ and ‘chunking’ and improving fluency and comprehension.



As it is popularly said, it all comes down to practice! Set reading targets for students and provide books that appeal to their interests.


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