Essential reading skills that are developed at primary grade levels build a solid foundation for a successful academic life ahead. Improving and developing reading skills at an early age helps an individual to build ability to focus on academics and other spheres of life.

Some of the important strategies to enhance reading skills are:

  • Using Multiple Reading Tools: Explore various types of reading tools such as See-N-Read Reading Tools, MemoryMark, eSee-N-Read, See-N-Spell and ColorTag to develop reading and comprehensive skills.
  • Set Reading Time: Develop a reading routine by setting aside specific time of the day. This will help you prioritize reading over other activities and make it a habit.
  • Goal Setting: Set a goal for reading a book to help keep you motivated. The goal can be to answer some questions, understanding a concept, etc.
  • Choice Reading: One good way of developing reading skills is by facilitating choice reading. Exposure to a variety of books such as fiction, non-fiction, books for different grade levels, multiple disciplines, etc. builds interest in reading.
  • Thinking While Reading: Instead of continuously reading a book for the sake of completing it, one should think about the material that has been read. Reflecting on what has been read improves one’s understanding of the topic and fosters the desire to explore more.
  • Note-Taking: This can be done by highlighting, circling and underlining important text. You can also write notes in the margins of a book. This habit helps a reader in better assimilation of the content.
  • Visualize: Some readers find it interesting to read with the help of mental images and visualizations. Thus, start with books and reading material that have plenty of captions and photos.
  • A Variety of Senses: Putting all the senses into use improves comprehension and boosts reading skills. One can engage all the senses by reading aloud, asking questions, using visual aids, reading with a pencil or pen as a guide, etc.
  • Read in Portions: If you are reading a long book, it is recommended to break it up into small portions. This strategy also works with those trying to understand complex subject materials.

See-n-Read Reading Tools provide products that help to develop essential reading skills in children. The tools provide easy to use intervention methods. For more details on ways to develop essential reading skills, contact: (630) 236 – 5592.