Literacy skills refer to speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. They further include awareness of print and sounds, comprehension, spelling, vocabulary and narrative skills. Literacy skills in children begin with phonemic awareness and later progress to building vocabulary, recognizing printed material, letter arrangement and reading comprehension. Strong and well-developed literacy skills are not only essential for academic success but also necessary for the emotional and intellectual development of children. See-N-Read is an online platform that provides a variety of tools and techniques to improve literacy skills in young children.

Listed below are some tips for improving literacy skills:

  • Reading Books: Encourage your child to read by setting aside time to read with your child daily. As your child gets used to the routine, encourage him to read without your assistance. Provide your child with a variety of books of his favourite genre to start with. Keep them at places that are conspicuous and at the level of your child. Communicate to your child the value of books by using them as gifts on special occasions.
  • Engage in Literacy Activities: Engage your child in activities that help boost word power, speech, spellings and more. These include fun board games that involve making words, reading interactivity books, puzzles, pretend play activities that involve the use of texts, games like ‘I Spy’, playing with magnetic letters, making a rhyming box, labeling common objects, riddles, storytelling, memory games, looking for words within words and more.
  • Visit a Nearby Library: Most libraries offer family literacy activities that are interactive in nature. The activities encourage children to interact with other kids of their age which boost their communication skills. The activities also involve reading aloud and sharing experiences, all of which help in developing literacy skills.
  • Use Reading Tools: If your child finds it difficult to focus on lines or comprehend what he just read, consider investing in reading tools such as those provided at See-N-Read. The tools are made of non-hazardous materials and have undergone years of research. Reading tools promote faster reading, better memory, more confidence, eye control, better vocabulary, spellings and concentration.
  • Provide the Right Environment: Last but not the least, when undertaking any of the idea mentioned above, create an environment that will propel your child’s progress. This will ensure there are minimum distractions so that your child can assimilate maximum information. Choose a well-lit place with comfortable seating and proper ventilation for your child to read/learn.

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