Some spellings have always been tough to remember due to their contradictions and exceptions. While certain words have silent letters, others are spelled differently in spite of having the same pronunciation, which may cause confusion.

If you find it difficult to spell certain words correctly, you may use the following tricks to sharpen your skills:

Learn the rules – English language comprises of words with different pronunciations and writing styles. You may not be able to remember all the rules at once but, you can always begin by noticing the common patterns in diverse words. It is important to note that all spelling rules applied in this language are not universal therefore, you must be aware of their exceptions as well.

Read a lot – Reading is the best technique to improve your vocabulary and reduce spelling errors. While reading you encounter various words that unnoticeably sink in your mind and help you spell better. Reading newspapers and magazines can also help you to get hold over the newest forms and elocution of words. In case you do not understand a word, you can use a dictionary.

Learn via crosswords – Puzzles are a good way to challenge your thinking and exercise your mind. You may solve various crosswords to learn new spellings. The hints given to fill the grid down and across will help you to find the appropriate words along with their meanings. This exercise also aids in remembering the words with their correct meanings and spellings.

Watch English shows with subtitles – captioned and subtitled TV shows are one the best ways to learn spellings and pronunciation of words. You may not be able to make notes, but you’ll definitely grasp the difference between the correctly and incorrectly spelled words.

Spelling competition and quizzes – This is an interesting and a fun-filled way to learn spellings. You can ask your friends to spell out the words that you find tricky and vice versa, or you can just play the online spelling quizzes.

Write whenever you spell – Make a habit of jotting down the words you try to spell. In order to keep a record, you can even make a notebook that comprises of all the newly learned words. It will act as quick reference guide to the words, which you often find difficult to spell.

Take help of reading tools – If you have trouble remembering the correct spellings, consider consulting books that are specifically designed to resolve such issues. For the convenience of the readers, these books are divided into various sections like misspelled words, commonly used words, special interest words etc. You can use them to verify the correct usage of any word.

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