Building reading comprehension skills helps a reader in understanding the material being read to the best of his/her abilities. Better comprehension skills improve the experience of reading by making it enjoyable and easier. Examples of comprehension skills include summarizing, comparison, contrasting, problem-solving, self questioning, etc.

Let us take a look at some ways to polish reading comprehension skills:


  • Vocabulary Enrichment: Level up your reading comprehension skills by improving and adding to your vocabulary. Understanding what you read makes it is easier to make sense of the content and assimilate it. To improve vocabulary, you can take online vocabulary classes, quiz yourself with the help of flashcards, apply newly used words in your verbal and written communication, use a dictionary, create word associations to recall difficult words and diversify your reading material.
  • Identify The Main Idea: To get a better grasp of the content you are reading, try to identify the main idea behind it. Take small pauses as you read, to think about what the author wants to convey to the reader at different junctures in the text. This will improve your level of understanding and also keep you motivated/interested to know more.
  • Context Clues: Even if you do not understand some of the words used in the text, you can still make out what the author is conveying by paying attention to the words and sentences used around the unfamiliar words. Context clues help a reader understand the main idea of the content by focusing on phrases and ideas used in a sentence or paragraph.
  • Ask Questions: Increase your involvement in what you read by asking questions to explore different angles of looking at the same thing. Question yourself about the themes used in the book, its characters, components and motifs to get a deeper insight into what the author wants to convey.
  • Summarize: A great way of memorizing what you have read is to summarize the entire content in a few words of your own. The process of summarizing prompts you to dig deeper and remember what you have read and understood. Also consider breaking down the content into sizeable chunks that can be easily read without getting stressed. For example, aim for a minimum of two paragraphs in one reading shift; after reading, pause for some time, reflect on what you read and summarize it in your own words. The results will be phenomenal!

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