A critical time to recognize reading problems in kids is during pre-school and kindergarten years. Some major characteristics of reading problems are issues with manipulating sounds of words and struggling with words with similar sounds, rhyming words, word games and more.

If you are looking for signs as to whether your child has reading difficulties, following are some red flags to watch out for:

  • Reading Level: The first indicator of a reading problem is if your child is experiencing difficulty with reading material for his grade level. Compare your child’s reading speed and comprehension with that of his peers and see whether he lags behind.
  • Word Sounds: If your child is experiencing problems with pronouncing words that are normal for kids of his age, it could be a sign of a reading problem. The signs of this are frustration while communicating, difficulty linking more than one sound, using only vowel sounds and unclear speech for his age.
  • Word Recognition: Check whether your child fails to recognize common words for his age or confuses words that look similar. This makes it difficult for kids to process reading material and may require them to repeat the process of reading a number of times in order to make sense of the words.
  • Reading Fluency: Ask your child to read an excerpt from a favorite book aloud and watch how many pauses he takes between words and whether there is an expression in his tone while reading. Too many pauses and lack of tonal expression while reading is an indicator of a reading problem.
  • Level Of Comprehension: Does your child understand what is being read? Try to judge your child’s level of comprehension by observing whether he has trouble understanding, summarizing and recalling what has been read. A good reader should also be able to connect what is being read to previously learnt concepts.
  • Reading Anxiety: Kids generally love reading and if your child exhibits increased anxiety levels at the mention of a book to read, it is a sign to take note of. Children with reading problems try to evade the practice of reading and will usually offer excuses to defer the experience. Observe whether your child has difficulty with focusing while reading.
  • Spelling & Writing: If your child has problems with spelling many words and also struggles with writing sentences, it could be a sign of a reading problem. If you suspect a problem, observe whether your child completes written and reading assignments on time and note the amount of time spent on the same.

Timely recognition of reading problems can lead to timely resolution. See-n-Read Reading Tools offers a variety of tools to improve reading skills among kids. For more details on how to recognize reading problems in kids, visit 2533 Sutton Lane, Aurora, IL – 60502, or call at (630) 236 – 5592.