A learning disability is a condition of the brain that affects one’s power to comprehend or process information, respond to information, organize information, etc. Such limitations impact a person’s behavior, emotional well-being, social life and intellectual capabilities.

Following is a list of impacts of learning disabilities on a person’s life:

  • Academic Issues: Learning disabilities cause difficulty in perceiving information i.e. organizing and interpreting information through sensory channels. This leads to problems in reading, writing, memorizing concepts taught in class, decoding information, learning and implementing new information. This eventually manifests in poor grades and gives rise to feelings of not being good enough at school among children suffering from learning disabilities.
  • Behavioral Issues: Children with learning disabilities experience behavioral problems such as irritability, anxiety, frustration, negative self-image, low confidence levels, and more. They become socially awkward and withdraw into themselves with feelings of exasperation.
  • Denial To Attend School: Children suffering from learning disabilities develop an aversion to school and also experience separation anxiety from parents. Such kids vehemently try not to go to school and even display psychosomatic symptoms such as stomach ache, chest pain, vomiting and so on.
  • Social Issues: When interacting with others, children with learning disabilities may experience problems in developing a conversation, concentrating on what others are saying, finding it difficult to control impulses, read social cues, maintaining friendships and more. It may be helpful to expose such kids to some form of therapy in order to help them overcome the problems they face when socializing.
  • Employment Difficulties: If the learning disabilities are not dealt with at an early stage, the child may face tremendous difficulty when looking for employment, pursuing further training, accessing adult services at job, living independently, etc.
  • Emotional Issues: The effects of learning disabilities on the psyche of a child and adult should be dealt with at the right time to avoid a host of emotional problems. If left unassisted, such individuals develop deep resentment, shame and feelings of inadequacy leading to depressive symptoms and more complex treatment options.

Even though learning disabilities impact the life of an individual in many ways; anyone with a learning disability can lead a happy and successful life if provided with required assistance and support from friends, family and a professional at the right time.

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