Reading is a workout for the mind; it keeps the mind fresh, sharp and calm. It impacts every area of an individual’s life right from school to one’s career and beyond. Reading teaches, inspires, nudges and helps us in becoming the best version of ourselves. It is never too early or too late to start reading and reap its benefits.

Following are some of the ways with which reading enriches the lives of readers:

  • Improves Communication Skills: Good communication skills rely on the choice of words. Reading not only broadens one’s choice of words, but also refines the way a person communicates with others orally or by written mode. It inspires to learn from the way different writers portray their messages, the theme they use, their expressions and choice/use of words.
  • Builds Self Image: Ardent readers have a higher self image owing to their high confidence levels. They carry themselves confidently in any type of gathering and are at ease with expressing their ideas and thoughts eloquently.
  • Academic Benefits: Those who read get smarter with time and perform better at academics. Reading boosts knowledge and intellectual capabilities of students by exposing them to various sources of written information from all over the world.
  • Boosts Vocabulary: Reading is one of the best ways to boost one’s vocabulary as it exposes the reader to innumerable new words through every book. It is believed that if one reads a book daily, it will amount to approximately 4 million words in a year.
  • Improves Comprehension: School going kids who read extensively experience immense improvement in their overall comprehension abilities. As a result, they have a better understanding of what they read at school.
  • Mental Well-Being: Reading enriches internal dialogue and the interpretation of what goes on around an individual. The ability to look at events and happenings from a broader perspective makes a person more empathetic, calm and adjusting.
  • Boosts Imagination And Creativity: Visual imagination is an intrinsic part of reading. The more one reads, the better his imaginative and creative skills get as reading stimulates the mind to create images.
  • Aids In Sleep: For many people, reading is the perfect remedy for a sound night’s sleep. It calms the senses by encouraging the reader to sit at one place and concentrate on reading only. Around 6 minutes of reading are enough to reduce stress levels and calm down the mind and body.

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