Good reading comprehension is essential for success in both academics and everyday life. It helps students understand and retain any information while reading. Improving reading comprehension essentially encompasses three different aspects, pre-reading tasks, reading strategies and post-reading, to efficiently store information into the long-term memory.

Here are some effective strategies that can help to improve reading comprehension:

  • Form Connections: Before starting to read the text, ask the child to have an overview of what the content is all about. Allow him to recollect any similar topics that he may have read before or any connections that he may have. For instance, the passage may mention places that the child has visited in the past. Let him talk about the memories of those places so that he is better able to understand.
  • Read In Chunks: While reading, ask the child to segregate the content into small chunks. Make him stop after each paragraph and recapitulate what all he has read. Put up questions about what happened, the main idea of the lesson and what could happen next. Also, encourage him to highlight the key points so that he can recall and retain information anytime later. Have Him
  • Read Aloud: Reading aloud compels the child to go about slowly, making it easier to understand. Also, he can form connections between the information he already knows and the one he is currently reading. Ask him to jot down any unfamiliar or complex words that he may come across in the text. Hold Post-Reading
  • Discussion: After the child has finished reading, hold a discussion in the classroom where everyone can discuss their doubts. Asking questions, sharing opinions and listening to that of others promote a better understanding of the content. Repeated
  • Readings: It is important for the child to read fluently to improve comprehension. After reading the text once, allow them to go through it once again. Being familiar with the words and context will help them read fast as well as smoothly. Encourage them to frame a story out of the passage, recite it to others and draw inferences to improve retention.

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