Fluency is an important part of reading as it offers a link between recognizing and understanding the usage of a word in a context. It is the ability of an individual to read a text precisely, quickly and with proper expression of stress, pauses as well as pitch. If one faces difficulty in reading with speed and needs to constantly stop in order to comprehend words, it is highly possible that the reading process will be quite daunting.

See-N-Read Reading Tools are research-based products designed to improve reading fluency. The tools provide a practical and easy-to use fluency intervention methods in order to improve moderate to severe deficiencies in reading, writing and study skills for people of all ages.

See-N-Read Reading Tools That Can Help To Improve Fluency

  • See-N-Read®: This reading tool is designed to enable readers to stay focused and direct attention towards the content instead of merely struggling to keep track of their position on the page. The product comes with a ReadBar™, which reduces word or line skipping while reading and prevents pattern glare without blocking the adjacent text. See-N-Read® allows the use of common reading strategies, chunking and sweeping, for better fluency.
  • MemoryMark™: This reading improvement tool allows an individual to highlight or mark the important information without having to lose place on the page. It helps to improve reading fluency, comprehension and retention of key points.
  • eSee-N-Read™: It is an electronic tools working in the same manner as See-N-Read but on a computer. The surrounding areas are slightly shaded by the ReadBar™ that allows better on-screen visibility while minimizing distractions, screen glare as well as eye strain. The entire tool or cut-out window can be customized, resized and restructured according to the user’s needs.
  • See-N-Spell™: This reading tool provides a complete spelling and vocabulary guide to the users so that they do not have to struggle in comprehending the meaning of unknown words in a context. The tool lists more than 300 most commonly used and misspelled words that helps to improve academic performance.
  • ColorTAG™: This reading tool helps readers to systematically go through, organize and retrieve important information in any given content. Thus, it provides for a better identification as well as differentiation between essential and non-essential points.
  • ColorTAG™ works by avoiding confusion between different contexts, aiding comprehension of information and improving reading fluency.

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