See-N-Read is an online platform that provides tried and tested reading and learning tools for every age-group. The tools are made with the aim of helping users improve their reading speed, learning abilities, concentration, memory, eye movement, fluency and more. The tools are based on research in learning theory, reading, visual discrimination, ophthalmology, psychology and cognitive processing. They are made of non-toxic, bpA, phthalate and lead free materials.

Listed below are the products offered by See-N-Read:

  • See-N-Read Reading Tools: These tools include reading strips to reduce word and line skipping. The tools also minimize pattern glare and facilitate faster reading without blocking the context. They help in improving comprehension and fluency. They consist of a research-based design and are classroom-tested (Grade 2 through college). The tools are apt for readers of all age groups in variable learning environments i.e. remedial, regular and special education environments.
  • MemoryMark: This tool complements the See-N-Read Reading Tool by offering a reading window in the form of a cut out. It makes it easier to underline, write notes and highlight key points without losing your place on the page. It can be effectively used on workbooks, standardized tests, printed documents, college textbooks, legal briefs, grade books and math worksheets.
  • eSee-N-Read: This electronic tool is a great tool for reading on a computer by highlighting words and lines in a ‘ReadBar’-a clear reading window. The ‘ReadBar’ can be resized and modified to suit the needs of the user. It helps in reading websites, spreadsheets, standardized tests and on-screen documents accurately. It also works with PC projection devices and interactive white boards. The tool helps in reducing eye strain, increasing reading speed, reducing line and word skipping and improving fluency.
  • See-N-Spell: This is a quick reference guide for spelling and vocabulary with more than 300 commonly used American vocabulary and misspelled words. The tool makes it easier for a reader to identify correct spellings and correct usage of words. It is a great tool for writers who want to use advanced vocabulary in their writings and develop more confidence in their spelling abilities. The tool is aligned with CCSS (Common Core State Standards) and STAAR. It is recommended for Grade 4 through adult.
  • ColorTag: This is a research-based tool to help readers and writers identify the main idea about a topic and its supporting details. It uses a color-based approach to distinguish the main idea of a topic. The tool is helpful for improving retention, learning and comprehension while helping a reader focus on the central idea.