Dyslexic kids are big picture thinkers and less adept to processing and remembering what they learn. However, a little tweaking in their style of learning can make a huge difference towards improving their memory. Let’s take a look at some strategies that can be followed to improve the memory of dyslexic kids.

  • Imagination And Association

Kids love stories. So why not put stories to build up their memory skills. This memory improvement technique works great when it comes to dyslexic kids. Help them remember information by making a story out of it. Encourage the child to create and visualize information to improve chances of retaining it. However, it is important for the story to be interesting and short. This technique uses imagination and association of one item with another in order to create a link that’s easy to remember.

  • Remembering Names

Remembering names can be tough for dyslexic kids. However, it can be made easy by using simple memory tricks like associating the name with someone or something they like.

Repetition makes a world of difference when it comes to retaining information. A child should repeat the name to be memorized quite often and even visualize meeting the person. This can also help them break down the name into small fragments and make sense out of it. Choose whatever works best for your child and be open to mixing up different techniques if need be.

  • The Vowel Technique

Focusing on vowels is another technique by which kids can get better at spellings. Most spelling mistakes arise due to wrong placement of vowels. Make vowels distinctive and memorable for dyslexic kids by telling them to visualize vowels as human characters and place them in words accordingly.

  • To Do Lists And Alarms

Fixing to do lists at conspicuous places at home or school and setting alarms for dyslexic kids helps them remember important things during the course of day.

  • Remembering Words

The best way to help a dyslexic kid remember short and long words is by being patient and encouraging them to open up their imagination as much as possible. Let your child associate a word with any funny character or image. Anything that helps a child make the word distinctive is helpful.

Chunking the words is also a great method of making it easier to memorize longer words. A child can break up a long word into smaller chunks of words that are easier to remember and connect into the larger one.


  • Word And Mathematical Games

Memory games, crosswords, scrabble and other mind stimulating games are highly recommended for memory improvement in dyslexic kids.


The main trick about memory techniques for dyslexic kids is making things as distinctive as possible. All techniques merge into this single point. If your child is successful at making something distinctive in his mind, he is halfway there. A little more repetition, practice and patience will help in retaining information better.

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