Reading fast is not just about improving speed to save time and skim the content. It involves reading fluently while being able to comprehend and retain the information for a longer period of time. Speed reading not only facilitates academic success, but also helps an individual in his personal and professional life.

See-N-Read Reading Tools are designed to help readers improve fluency and ensure smooth line-to-line transitions without stopping. The reading strip, ReadBar™, consists of a non-glare transparent window, which allows the readers to view content as small chunks instead of separate words. It helps to filter out the distractions, focus on the content within the reading strip while simultaneously tracking the upcoming information. In addition, the reading tool also allows the reader to smoothly move across the words being read, without losing place on the page.

Here are some other benefits of reading faster with See-N-Read Reading Tools:

Improves Memory

The human brain requires regular training so that it can perform better, even in challenging situations. Speed reading compels the brain to grasp and process information at a faster pace. With regular practice, it will improve your ability to retain information, filter out the irrelevant information and store the important content more quickly.

Boosts Academic Performance

Reading fast can significantly improve the academic performance of the students. This is because they will be able to read comprehension passages, understand the context and answer the questions asked in a much lesser time. Minimizing distractions and controlling eye movements also help the child to maintain complete focus on the reading material.

Reduces Fatigue

A quick reader is likely to cover more information in a much lesser time. It not only saves a lot of time but also reduces fatigue caused due to prolonged strain on the brain and eyes. The time thus saved can also be utilized for other commitments or recreational activities, which ultimately keeps the mind refreshed.

Enhances Logic And Reasoning Ability

Reading is an intellectual exercise that improves your brain’s efficiency in sorting new content and developing connections with the information already stored. When you have a better than normal reading speed, all these processes will also occur at a faster rate. This will ultimately improve your reasoning and problem solving ability.

See-N-Read Reading Tools are an assistive reading technology that helps to improve reading speed and fluency in people of all age groups. For more information about the products, feel free to call at (630) 236 – 5592.