Children with learning disabilities often find it difficult to concentrate and keep a track on page while reading, which in turn affects their reading speed as well as fluency. Children who have Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, ADHD or those who tend to skip word or lines while reading can greatly benefit from reading strips. These are practical assistive tools aimed at improving the ability of the readers to see, focus and retain any information that they read.

See-N-Read Reading Tools are research based learning products to help struggling readers develop an interest in reading, rather than simply focusing on maintaining place on the page. The products come with a clear ReadBar™, a ruler sized strip with a cut out window that needs to be placed over the sentence being read. The shaded transparent part of the reading strip helps to filter out other distractions, such as tables and images, without entirely blocking the line that has to be read next.  

Besides children, people of any age group with mild to moderate deficiencies in thinking, learning and study skills can benefit from See-N-Read Reading Tools. The reading strip can be a great tool for people who are reading complex material, fatigued, have difficulty controlling their eye movements, read slowly or have comprehension deficiencies. The tools help to develop and utilize unique strategies to improve reading skill, along with the ability to understand, retain as well as apply the learnt knowledge in real life situations.

How Are The Reading Tools Used?

The reading strip needs to be placed on the content so that the text can be read through the cut-out window. Move the strip down as you complete reading a sentence, allowing a smooth line transition and maintaining place on the page. The shaded portion helps the reader to see the content in large chunks to reduce pattern glare and avoid affecting reading speed.  

See-N-Read Reading Tools can be easily used with all types of reading material, including documents, spreadsheets and standardized tests. The reading strips come in two different sizes, “Book” (5 ½” x 3” for regular size books) and “Document” (8 ½” x 3” for larger books and printed documents). The clear window fits most commonly used font sizes.

For more information about the ReadBar™, the reading strip offered by See-N-Read Reading Tools, feel free to call at (630) 236 – 5592.