The development of memory, language and thinking skills are the pillars of intellectual development. Intellectual development consists of moral development, language development, problem solving skills, abstract thinking, etc. One of the best tools for fostering intellectual development early in life is reading. It strengthens the brain, boosts vocabulary, increases confidence and offers many more benefits.

Following are ways with which reading boosts intellectual development:

  • Metacognitive Knowledge: This refers to the ability of being able to think about one’s own thinking process. Reading develops this skill and enables a reader to tune into his feelings and thoughts about a situation. The reader learns to think about and feel what the characters in a book are going through which translates into adopting the same skill in real life when making decisions.
  • Problem Solving Skills: Reading books provides a broader perspective on solving problems in real life. The reader gains a new vision on problem-solving based on the characters in books. Reading provides a new way of looking at things and understanding real life situations.
  • More Experiences: Reading exposes the reader to so many new experiences and characters than one would normally come across in real life. This helps the reader develop critical intellectual skills required for thriving in the society and being successful.
  • Memory: Books have different characters, plots, backgrounds, lessons, quotes and more. A reader naturally retains information as the brain creates new synopsis in order to memorize new information. The process not only boosts memory, but also calms down the nervous system.
  • Builds Vocabulary: One of the best ways of learning new words is by reading. Those who read have a huge arsenal of new words that can help them articulate their thoughts and feelings effectively. They are also better at writing and speaking as they have more words to express themselves.
  • Prevents Cognitive Decline: Avid readers enjoy high levels of mental stimulation which boosts brain power and slows down cognitive decline. The brain, like any other muscle in the body requires constant stimulation to function optimally. Reading is a great tool for providing cognitive stimulation throughout life.
  • Academic Success: The benefits of reading impact academic performance as well. As the reader develops vocabulary, gets better at writing and speaking, develops the ability to focus and memorize, etc. he has higher chances of performing better academically.
  • Focus & Concentration: The process of reading requires a reader’s entire focus and attention. This improves the ability to sit for a stretch of time without any other distractions. As the concentration improves, the effects of this will also be visible in other areas of life.

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