Reading broadens the horizon of human mind and allows to explore different dimensions of its intellect. It enhances the mental ability, emotional intelligence, communication skills and overall quality of life. There are several ways to improve reading skills.

Practice Reading

Dedicate few minutes of each day to read. Incorporate reading ritual in your daily routine and follow it religiously. To develop a particular skill, it all comes down to practice.

Set Reading Goals

Try to set reading goals and aim to achieve them. For example, set a target of reading two pages of any book, magazine, journal, newspaper etc daily.

Separate Corner

Having a dedicated corner for reading helps to concentrate better. Step away from all the distractions and make reading as a solitary activity.

Explore Different Genres

Initially start with something that you really enjoy. Later with practice, try to explore different forms of writing, genres and sources. This will help to give a deeper understanding of various texts, literature and writing structures. It will open up the wide range of vocabulary and phrases.

Take Notes

Writing notes while reading is an effective way to improve the quality of vocabulary.  Jot down the new words and their meanings in a diary or use See-N-Read memory mark and colour tag. This way a reader has an easy access to the words or phrases he/she has learnt while reading.

Refer Audio Dictionaries

Audio dictionaries are helpful in providing correct pronunciation of words. There are numerous audio dictionaries and reference guides to improve spelling, vocabulary and pronunciation skills, thereby ensuring a seamless reading experience.

Read Aloud

Reading aloud helps to establish a strong connection between the mind and voice which eventually results in a deeper engagement. It enables a person to discover and enhance his/her use of intonation. It also adds finesse to the spoken expression.

Visit Libraries and Literature Festivals

Libraries and literary events offer plethora of books and multifarious reading options. Oftentimes, it’s that one book which triggers the habit of reading in a person. So, keep exploring!

Literature festivals are a great place for readers, writers, authors, publishers, artists, and people who are new to the magical world of books and literature. It unravels several mythologies, indigenous stories, little known dialects & cultures, historical events and many such interesting topics. Intellectual engagements often inspire people to dig deeper into a book or a genre. These fests encourage people to read and give rewarding experiences to the avid readers.

Keep a record of your Progress

Keeping a record of the progress imparts a sense of encouragement and achievement. It will drive you towards motivation. See-N-Read learning tool allows a reader to track and develop reading strategies.

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