Learning disabilities are neurological problems that can make it difficult for the children to acquire simple skills such as reading and writing. They can also have an impact on the manner in which the child organizes and retrieves information. These days, many assistive reading tools are available to help children with learning disabilities. These tools allow them to read fluently and more accurately reducing distractions on the page.

Listed below are some signs that may indicate your child has a learning disability:

  • Issues in speech: If your child is unable to speak clearly or has a slow language development, he may be having a learning disability. Pay attention if he has a limited vocabulary and finds it difficult to communicate his thoughts. Difficulty with speech clearly indicates some sort of a problem.
  • Poor motor skills: Another sign of learning disability may be poor co-ordination and irregular development of motor skills. Your child may find it difficult to learn how to sit, walk, use scissors or differentiate between colors. As he grows up, he may also have issues in writing letters and numbers.
  • Restless behavior: Some children get easily distracted and display restless behavior most of the time. This is another probable symptom of a learning disability. Your child may not follow your instructions and may not be able to concentrate on what you are saying.
  • Trouble with memorizing things: Children with a learning disability can also have problems with memory and routine. For instance, they will not be able to remember the exact manner in which daily activities need to be performed. There may also be a lot of trouble in understanding and following multiple instructions. Such things may confuse them even more.
  • Clumsy posture: Other signs of a learning disability may include difficulty in performing simple activities such as skipping, jumping or catching. Your child may also be physically clumsy and may keep on bumping into things more often as compared to other kids of his age.

Apart from these, there are certain signs that your child might exhibit during the course of his development. When children are loaded with more responsibilities and start handling complex work, they can display clear symptoms of a specific learning disorder. For instance, they may have difficulty in remembering facts, forming a time-table for finishing a project, organizing thoughts for public speaking etc. As a parent, you need to observe your child in order to understand if he exhibits any signs of a learning disability. Recognizing the symptoms early on can help in tackling the problem effectively.

If your child has a learning disability, consider See-N-Read Reading Tools. The research based products have been designed to overcome moderate to severe learning and reading disabilities in children. For more information about the reading tools, you can call us at (630) 236 – 5592.