Attention issues in dyslexic kids can be resolved with supportive policies and by spreading awareness among parents, teachers and communities. With the right support, kids with dyslexia can learn how to conquer their attention issues and perform better academically, be stronger emotionally and socialize more confidently. Let’s take a look at some tips that can help them solve attention issues among dyslexic kids.

  1. Spreading Awareness

Awareness in and around schools helps people know more about Dyslexia. When those around the child understand what he/she is going through, they are better equipped to help the child.

  1. Praising

Praising a child with Dyslexia helps in building their abilities and self-confidence. Parents and teachers should be consistent with the praises.

  1. Counselling

Children with attention issues can significantly benefit from counselling. It can help them feel better about themselves, develop social skills and deal with frustration.

  1. Parent-Teacher Collaboration

When parents and teachers join hands to help a child with attention issues arising due to Dyslexia, the results are astounding. Both parties can tailor an educational plan as per the child’s need. They should keep in touch with each other on a regular basis and share the child’s progress both at home and school.

  1. Book Reading

Kids with attention issues can immensely benefit themselves by reading books. It has been proven to increase the attention span of kids while building up their vocabulary to a great extent. Also encourage your child to play games that require them to read and spell.

  1. Create A Structured Environment

A structured, distraction free environment is essential for better attention spans. The desk on which they work should be clean and uncluttered. Distractions like TV, radio, computer etc. should be kept away to help them concentrate on the task at hand.

  1. Communication

When communicating a message to a child with attention issues, try using fewer words. Encourage your child to repeat what you said and provide written reinforcement on areas like a bedroom mirror, refrigerator, a bulletin board etc. Look directly at your child when speaking and encourage him/her to do the same.

  1. Assistive Tools

Assistive tools help kids to be more independent and focus better while learning. These tools boost the attention span of kids by blocking distractions while the child studies.

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