A lot of students struggle with reading fluently or maintaining place on a page. Reading efficiency can be assessed by the clarity and ability to read aloud along with expressions and understanding of the text. Various tools and tips can assist in enhancing the reading fluency of a child and also develop interest in reading. Some of these have been discussed below:

  • Exemplify fluent reading: In order to read fluently, children must listen and understand the sound of pronounced words. The teacher or parent can read the text aloud, emphasizing the stressed syllables and ask the child to repeat and stay focused on the text.
  • Repeated readings: The student should be encouraged to re-read the same content to get familiar with the context and words. You can begin with a short poem and then move on to stories. Reading passages aloud encourages fluency and expression. Repeated oral reading helps to build confidence and enhance the ability to understand the content.
  • Reading techniques: The child should be monitored for the ability of phrasing, reading a phrase together, the speed of reading and the emphasis given to certain words. The child should be encouraged to repeat certain sentences or phrases as repeated reading helps to build fluency.
  • Chorus reading: Two or more children can be given a text and asked to read a paragraph each, turn by turn. This will encourage them to read fluently and notice the reading style of a fellow student.
  • Silent sustained reading: This technique, referred to as SSR, is performed silently and independently. It aims at providing the child an opportunity to enjoy reading at a comfortable pace. The child can select the text to read so that his focus and motivation levels are high.
  • Audio books: Listening to an audio version of their favorite text or book can encourage children to read along with it. The audiobook can be paused and replayed several times for clarity and works as a positive fluency model to the listener.

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