Students with dyslexia usually encounter problems with reading comprehension. Due to difficulty in word recognition, they might have to read a single passage repeatedly to understand it. There are a few measures that teachers can adopt to help kids with dyslexia improve their reading skills. Let’s take a look at some of them individually –

1. Teaching Vocabulary

An increased vocabulary helps dyslexic children understand what they are reading better. It becomes easier for them to derive the meaning of a word along other similar words. Teachers can take vocabulary lessons for kids with dyslexia a step further by using additional methods to help them learn new words. Here are some things teachers can do –

  • Using technology to help them with vocabulary expansion.
  • Familiarize kids with new words from the text to be read, before they read it.
  • Encourage kids to use new words in their daily lives.
  • Use words repetitively.
  • Practicing vocabulary in both oral and written form.
  • Using interactive and multi-faceted approach to teach vocabulary.

2. Constructing A Mental Representation Of The Text

Encouraging kids to form a mental picture of what the text reads helps them understand it better. This approach should be used in addition to understanding what an individual word means.Once a child gets the meaning of a word, he should be slowly eased into imagining what the word means. This will greatly improve their comprehension skills. Here are some strategies to help with this –

  • Teach children how to make a mental picture of what they read.
  • Encourage group discussion of the comprehension.
  • Use pictures and graphics to help kids understand what they are learning.
  • Develop a question and answer approach towards the comprehension.
  • Create a summary of what they’ve read to help them retain and memorize it.
  • Adopt a multi-sensory approach as opposed to a single strategy one.

3. A Skilled Teacher

The role of a teacher in helping dyslexic kids read comprehension is pivotal. It is crucial for the teacher to understand the impact her teaching skills can have on a student. Here are some approaches that a skilled teacher can adopt to help dyslexic kids read comprehension.

  • Encourage curiosity in students.
  • Incorporation of playful approach to help younger kids look for important information from the text e.g. pretending to be a detective in search of new hidden words.
  • Encourage class and group discussions regarding the read material.
  • The teacher should regularly read aloud to demonstrate fluency and encourage students to do the same.
  • Conduct vocabulary quizzes frequently.
  • Help kids pick the right book from a genre of their interest. Coupling a book to read with its audio version can be extremely beneficial for students with reading difficulties. They can read and listen at the same time, thus improving their understanding.

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