When reading any given content, our eyes must make small stops after a few words along the sentence. However, struggling readers tend to make many more stops, thereby, reducing their reading speed and inhibiting comprehension.  Contrasting font and background colors can make it difficult for them to focus and track smooth line transitions. Reading strips are practical assistive tools that can help students to better visualize, concentrate and retain the information they read. They are usually a ruler sized strips with a transparent shaded cut-out window that is placed over the text being read.

See-N-Read Reading Tools are research based and classroom tested products designed to improve reading skills for children of all age groups. The reading strip helps students to control their eye movements while reading and avoiding problems like skipping words and sentences, repeatedly reading same sentences, losing concentration, swapping letters and reading too close to the page.

How Do Reading Strips Work?

Place the reading strip, ReadBar™, on the page and read the sentence through the cut-out window. Move the strip down the page as you read to maintain concentration and track upcoming information. The transparent shaded portion filters out distractions without blocking the entire reading context.

The reading strips offered by See-N-Read Reading Tools can be easily used with all types of reading material. The ReadBar™ fits almost all commonly used font sizes. The tool is also available for on-screen reading of documents, spreadsheets and standardized tests. The reading strip comes in two different sizes – Book (to be used with small books) and Document (to be used with large books and printed documents).

Benefits Of Reading Strips

  • The clear reading strip helps the readers to keep their eyes focused on a single sentence to control visual field.
  • It controls eye movement for a smooth transition from left to right and top to bottom, without losing place while changing lines.
  • The reading strip also supports chunking reading strategy, allowing the readers to view the content in larger ‘chunks’ for better comprehension and information retention.
  • Having a controlled visual field helps to reduce pattern glare, prevent word or line skipping and increase reading speed as well as fluency.

For more information about the benefits of reading strips offered by See-N-Read Reading Tools, feel free to call at (630) 236 – 5592 or visit 2533 Sutton Lane, Aurora, IL 60502.