Reading is a skill that can be improved at any age with the help of the right techniques and tools. Using reading tools helps in improving speed, concentration and comprehension. The tools are beneficial for children and adults with learning difficulties or for those who simply want to get better at the skill. At See-n-Read, we provide a variety of classroom-tested and research-based reading tools to enhance spellings, reading speed, memory and academic vocabulary. Our tools are made of non-toxic, bpA, lead, phthalate free materials.

Listed below are some tools that help in improving reading skills:

  • Reading Strips: Reading strips help the reader to reduce word and line skipping. The tools also reduce pattern glare without affecting the context. Using this tool makes it easier for the reader to read in chunks and effectively sweep over the content without losing focus. Over time, using a reading strip improves comprehension and fluency.
  • Memory Mark: The Memory Mark tool makes it easy for the reader to underline, highlight and make notes without losing focus. This improves the reader’s understanding of the subject being read and is beneficial for learning new words, phrases and ideas while reading. The tool is beneficial for fatigued and struggling readers as the can re-read without moving the reading tool from the place they left it at while reading. The tools works best when used with grade books, standardized tests, math worksheets, printed documents, workbooks, legal briefs, etc.
  • Electronic Reading Tools: This tool consists of a shapeable and moveable ReadBar that is surrounded by a transparent area for better screen visibility, less eye strain, screen glare and minimal visual distractions. The tool makes it easier for teachers to present information in a class by highlighting text and improving data entry accuracy. These tools help readers to improve their accuracy while reading websites, spreadsheets, standardized tests and on-screen documents. It is a great tool for reducing eye fatigue and can be modified, shaped and resized to suit the user’s environment and needs.
  • Spelling and Vocabulary Tools: These are reference guides for improving writing skills and academic vocabulary. Writers can easily look for the right spelling of a word by searching for the first letter of the word on this reference guide. It helps writers use smarter words while writing. The resource provided by See-n-Read helps readers find the right spelling of over 300 American English words. It consists of a 40-page booklet that has commonly used words, misspelled words and special interest words.
  • Study Recall System: These systems help readers to read systematically while organizing and retrieving key information. A color-based approach is used to find the main idea from the information being read. This helps in differentiating between important information and extra information. It saves the time of a reader and also supports retention, learning and comprehension.

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