Reading stimulates intelligence and strengthens analytical abilities of human mind. It unfolds various facets of intellect and helps to design an effective trajectory for mental energy. Let’s go through some efficacious strategies and tips to improve concentration while reading.

  • Identify & Improve Metacognition Skills

    It is important to consider the fact that every brain is wired differently. People have variable approaches towards learning and different cognitive processes. Reflect and identify strengths and weaknesses of your learning process explicitly. Plan, evaluate and monitor your learning mechanism and be aware of the efficient ways to do so. Metacognitive awareness helps to recognize ways to improve concentration and factors which are acting as hindrances in your reading experience.

  • Dedicated Corner

    Dedicate a calm and separate corner for reading to avoid mental nudges. Cut down all the distractions especially messengers and email notifications to create a seamless learning flow. By making a solitary spot for reading, your brain will start to recognize that space and will automatically prepare itself to concentrate. Make sure to set a correct and comfortable sitting posture to make reading more engrossing.

  • Mental Exercise

    Invest few minutes to flex your mental muscles. Play crossword puzzles, chess and various other memory games to improve concentration level significantly. One can also practice meditation to declutter the mind and achieve higher levels of concentration.

  • Take Breaks

    In order to increase productivity, it is quite necessary to rejuvenate mind, eyes and body. Take short breaks in between to relax and refresh the mind. Step outside and get some fresh air or just have something to hydrate yourself. These few steps boost efficiency of brain and helps to accelerate concentration levels.

  • Motivation

    Find reasons or factors which trigger the motivation for reading. Follow the lead and keep yourself motivated. Often times people just lose their zeal for reading; in such cases try to find inspiration or set some rewards to cheer yourself.

  • Reading Goals

    Set a specific reading target and channelize your actions to achieve the desired goal. A specific goal directs the focus to comprehend and absorb knowledge. It helps to employ required senses to enhance the reading ability and concentration.

  • Tools & Devices for Annotation

    People often use techniques like highlighting the text or jotting down some notes etc to annotate the text. While this may be quite useful in some ways, it can also lead to wavered focus. Try to use innovative techniques like memory marks, colour tags etc to ensure a smooth reading experience. Such tools and devices are specifically designed to minimize distractions and bring concentration in place.

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