Reading is a great activity that not only enhances knowledge and uplifts mood but also improves concentration. People who start reading at an early age develop analytical thinking skills that greatly helps their decision making abilities later in life. It also helps to improve vocabulary and enables readers to gain a better understanding about the topic.

Nowadays, the internet has brought the library into our pockets. You can scroll through a list of e-books by any writer in a variety of genres. However, there are certain people who may face difficulty while reading online, such as eye strain, screen glace, word/line skipping etc. Listed below are some tips which can help to improve your online reading skills:

  • Use tricks, save time: For a faster reading, you can practice skimming and note making techniques. Skimming provides a clear idea about the topic so you know what exactly is being discussed. On the other hand, note making involves segregating important information that is required for an in-depth reading. Both these techniques save time and enhance the reading skills.
  • Adjust the screen: In order to get a better view and reduce fatigue while reading, you can adjust the computer screen parallel to the eye level. You can also change the screen brightness according to the lighting conditions in your room. This can help to provide a comfortable reading experience and improve your fluency as well as concentration.
  • Do not disturb: The setting of your room should be such that you can minimize the distractions and noises. Effective reading can be done in tranquility so that you do not lose your focus. It will help to enhance your concentration.
  • Block the ads: Change your settings to block the pop-ups. These are ads that can be quite distracting while reading. You can also download some apps that will permanently block these pop-ups.
  • Use reading tools: There are various tools available which can be used to improve on-screen reading speed and minimize distractions. The reading strip provided in these tools help to prevent word-line skipping and reduce screen glare as well as eye strain.
  • Regular Practice: It is important to practice on a regular basis as it will help you comprehend and read faster online. Consider reading on topics that you find interesting to avoid getting bored. This will help to improve both your reading fluency and speed. You can take online comprehension tests to keep a track of your progress. It can motivate you to improve further.

If you are fond of reading online, these tips can surely help to make your reading experience enjoyable.

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