The right reading technique helps in reading faster, understanding better, and remembering what you read. It facilitates four significant aspects of reading i.e. decoding, fluency, vocabulary, and understanding.

Listed below are some helpful reading techniques that lead to better reading, learning, and memory:


  • SQ3R Technique: This technique stands for Survey, Question, Read, Recite, and Review. It starts with getting a gist of the reading material, and progresses to creating questions from headings and subheadings, reading while highlighting and making notes, reciting as you read, and finally making mental notes of what you have read. This technique works best for difficult, unfamiliar reading material that you want to understand very well. For example, MemoryMark tool offered by See-N-Read Reading Tools allows the reader to underline, highlight and make notes while staying on the page.


  • Skimming: Skimming involves swiftly going through a chunk of text while skipping over some details; it is not the same as speed reading. The technique is helpful when you just want to know the main idea or while surveying before reading in detail. Skimming makes the reader aware of key points without focusing on comprehending the material. It is beneficial for quick research or reviewing information before an exam.


  • Scanning: Scanning is an effective technique when you are looking for specific information in the reading material. The reader ignores irrelevant information while doing so. It is best used for non-academic reading material like magazines and newspaper articles. While scanning academic material, it is helpful to pay attention to the introductions and conclusions.


  • Detailed Reading: This technique is used when the reader wants to delve deeper into a topic and understand it to the core. It starts with skimming and then progresses to thorough reading. It is a helpful technique for researching articles, literary works, and journals.


  • Speed Reading: Speed reading involves reading fast without emphasizing on comprehension or retention. The reader goes through every word in speed reading unlike scanning and skimming. It is a helpful technique when the time is less and the content to be read is a lot. Certain reading tools are helpful when speed-reading e.g. reading strips by See-n-Read; it reduces word and line skipping, allowing the reader to sweep through the content.


See-N-Read Reading Tools provides research-based learning support in the form of reading tools such as reading strips, MemoryMark, electronic reading and instruction tools, See-N-Spell and ColorTag Study Recall System. The tools help to read faster, improve concentration, memorize information, enhance spelling and improve thinking.

Reading tools combined with proper reading techniques can significantly enhance one’s reading abilities. For more information on reading and learning tools at See-N-Read Reading Tools, visit 2533 Sutton Lane, Aurora, IL – 60502 or call (630) 236 – 5592. You can also browse through