Vocabulary means range of words or language of a person. In simpler words, vocabulary means the set of words of a language that are known to a person. It plays an important role in defining the writing and communication skills of students. So, it is highly imperative for students to try and improve their vocabulary.

Here are some tips to help students improve their vocabulary:

  • Read: Developing a habit to read can help students in significantly improving their vocabulary because building vocabulary is easier when one comes across words in context. Seeing words being used in a text, novel, newspaper, etc. can be highly helpful in remembering the word & its apt use as compared to reading words in a vocabulary list.
  • Dictionary & Thesaurus: Dictionaries & Thesaurus are very helpful tools for students trying to build their vocabulary. They help students in learning new words and their meaning. Also, they help in jogging the memory of students about synonyms which can be more suitable words in the context of what is being written. Reading full dictionary definition of a word can help students in learning about antonyms, root words, and related words as well.
  • Word Games: Playing word games is a fun and effective way to improve vocabulary among students. Students can play classic games such as Scrabble, Boggle and Crosswords for improving English vocabulary. In order to increase the efficiency of learning process, students can follow up the games with a note-taking session. They may note down newly learnt words and then look up these words in dictionary & thesaurus to learn apt usage, synonyms, antonyms, etc.
  • Flashcards: Using flashcards is yet another effective and convenient way of improving vocabulary. Students can aim for one new word every day. This helps in increasing the vocabulary gradually and effectively.
  • Reading Tools: Some online reading tools are designed to help students in learning new words, their use, spellings, and related words. These tools offer a convenient way to learn and improve vocabulary.

See-n-Read Reading Tools offers tools for students to help them improve their vocabulary. The tools are research-based and aim at improving different skills required for effective reading. For more details on ways to improve vocabulary among students, visit 2533 Sutton Lane, Aurora, IL – 60502, or call at (630) 236 – 5592.