What are Important Reading Skills & How to Develop Them?
Comprehension, Fluency, Vocabulary, Phonics, Reasoning & Memory are the important reading skills. The synergy of these skills enhances the learning efficiency and helps to develop cognitive, social, and intellectual skills.

Let us explore various ways to develop reading skills:

Comprehension is the understanding of the text one is reading. It is the coordination & connection between word recognition and its interpretation. To strengthen the analytic abilities & comprehension skill, it important to practice reading and take assistance of highly effective reading tools.

Fluency is the ability to read with appropriate speed, accuracy, understanding and expression. The symbiosis of fluency & comprehension, empowers students to comprehend the text without reading it multiple time; it saves time & energy. It helps to uplift the academic performance of a child and boosts self-confidence. Use proven reading solutions like reading strip that reduces word and line skipping and pattern glare without blocking context, thereby improving fluency and comprehension.

Set reading goals and explore different forms of content, genres and sources including book, magazine, journal, newspaper, etc. They will open up the diverse range of vocabulary and phrases. Compose sentences using those words and look for their correct pronunciation. You can also use Vocabulary Quick Reference Guide to spell the most commonly used words in the American lexicon correctly.

Reasoning & Memory
Innovative reading tools create a seamless reading experience by retrieving the key information. They differentiate the main idea in a text versus the non‐essential information, thereby minimizing distraction and maximizing focus retention.  

Phonics is the ability to establish connection between letters & sounds. It is essential to have a good understanding of the sounds; it helps to decode the pronunciation of words and acts as a fulcrum in the writing & reading process.

Easier to read via Digital Screens
Reading and Instruction Tool for PCs offers compatible support while providing the interactive white board compatibility for classroom instruction and presentation.

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Description – This article outlines important Reading Skills & ways to develop them. See-N-Read Reading Tools provides affordable and smart solutions to enhance reading experience.