Why is Reading Important for Children?  

Inculcating a reading habit right from childhood helps children to develop a more refined perspective of life and broadens their mental horizons. A child with good reading skills is more likely to absorb knowledge and learn in school efficiently.

Here are some points which emphasize the importance of reading for children:


Reading opens up a diverse range of vocabulary and phrases. While reading, children come across a new set of words that they have never used or heard. Curiosity in children usually prompts them to search or ask for the meaning of the word. Moreover, reading helps to understand the sentence construction and the right usage of new words. With a broader range of vocabulary, children become better at describing things around them.

Cognitive Skills

Reading positively impacts cognitive power and enhances mental capabilities. As a consequence, children are able to focus better and comprehend the text efficiently. Reading tends to increase the learning pace which eventually results in improved study behavior and academic performance.

Builds Self-Esteem

Good reading skills certainly make children more confident. It adds a positive character to their personality which infuses self-esteem and sense of self-reliance.

Improves Grammar & Writing Skills

Continuous practice of reading helps to improve punctuation and grammar skills which ultimately improve writing skills as well.

Enhanced Expression of Speech

With a good command of reading, children are more likely to develop a better expression of speech. They become better at explaining emotions, ideas, things & facts, which eventually prepares them to be a part of debate and declamation competitions. A clear speech with rich expression is a skill that brings a lot of positive outcomes in academics as well as in life in general.

Channels their Mental Energy

Young minds are charged with high energy & enthusiasm. Indulging in reading helps to channel their mental energy into something productive & creative.

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