“There is no such thing as a child who hates to read; there are only children who have not found the right book.” – Frank Serafini 

The ability to read is a skill with immense potential to shape the lives of children. It develops language and communication skills, sharpens cognitive skills, enhances imagination and builds knowledge and awareness. Reading is a relaxing activity and a source of rich entertainment. Children who read more have been shown to perform better academically. A study states that children who are encouraged to read during the first 5 years have a whooping 1.4 million word advantage over their peers who do not read. To cater to readers of all levels, See n Read, an online platform that provides various learning tools for readers of all age groups provides research-based reading tools like reading strips, Memory Mark, eSee-n-Read, See-n-Spell, ColorTAG and more. 


Reading is a great habit for children due to the following reasons:


  • Improves Academic Performance: Reading exposes children to a diverse range of new words and concepts. This not only bolsters their language proficiency but also enhances comprehension, focus, concentration and problem-solving skills. All these enhance a child’s academic performance, leading to better chances of success. 


  • Boosts Creativity and Imagination: Reading is a great skill to stimulate the brain and build neural connections in children. Children are encouraged to think out of the box and delve deeper into their own imagination and creative skills. Furthermore, it exposes them to new concepts, perspectives and ideas which challenge them to visualize stories and their characters. This serves as a great workout for their creative muscles. 


  • Increases Empathy: When children read, they are exposed to a multitude of cultures, backgrounds and experiences. This helps them to recognize and understand emotions better. Through empathizing with the characters in their books they learn to empathize with people around them. To foster emotional intelligence and nurture feelings of empathy in children, exposing them to a wide variety of topics through reading is advisable.


  • Foster a Lasting Passion for Learning: Reading sparks curiosity to know more in children. It ignites a passion for learning and knowing more about new topics and books. Reading a variety of books helps them discover their interests and develop their strengths. As they go through thrilling experiences of discovery that reading presents, they recognize its value and naturally develop affection for it.


The benefits of reading for children are numerous and invaluable. Reading on a daily basis improves communication, literacy and social skills. Every parent and educator should encourage children to read more for success in academics and life. For more information, visit 2533 Sutton Lane, Aurora, IL 605029461 or call 1-630-236-5592. You can also browse at www.see-n-read.com and connect on Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube and Facebook.