If your child has problem in reading, it can not only affect his academic performance but also lower his self-confidence. It is necessary to understand the cause behind the reading difficulties in kids to figure out ways to overcome them and improve reading skills.

Here are a few reasons which can cause difficulties in reading among children:

  • Dyslexia: This is one of the most common learning disabilities. Kids with Dyslexia face difficulty in recognizing letters and the sounds associated with them. They may often forget words which have been learned recently. It may take a long time to become familiar with the commonly used words. Dyslexia can also affect the comprehension skills of the kids.
  • Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD): It is a condition which impacts the focusing ability of kids. Poor concentration can cause hindrance while reading. If the mind is distracted, the kid may have trouble understanding the context of the reading material. This can not only lower down his reading speed but also affect learning ability.
  • APD (Auditory Processing Disorder): Kids suffering from this condition have trouble processing the information they listen. They have a hard time differentiating between alphabets that have similar sounds, which can make it difficult to read aloud. Thus, this can be another issue why some children have problems learning to read.
  • Visual processing issues: In this disorder, kids are not able to distinguish between the letters. They may have blurred vision which can cause hindrance in reading. Having visual processing issues can affect the learning abilities of the child to a great extent.
  • Reading failure since childhood: Kids who face learning difficulties early in childhood often have a tough time later on. They may not be able to match up with their peers. It is important to diagnose the learning disability at an early stage and use appropriate tools that can improve reading.
  • Autism: Learning basic reading and writing skills can be difficult for a child suffering from Autism. It can also affect his academic performance. Parents and teachers should pay special attention to these kids and devise strategies to help them learn in a better way.

There are various reading improvement and fluency intervention tools which can help the children suffering from these conditions.

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