Why Is It Important To Learn Spellings?

Posted on January 28, 2021

Sharpening spelling skills at an early age sets the foundation for success in many areas of life. An individual with mastery over spellings is more likely to have a successful career and excel at other frontiers of life.   Listed below are some benefits of learning spellings: Improves Communication Skills: Good spelling skills improve communication skills in most forms of communication like emailing, letter-writing, social media, etc. Correct spellings add more gravity to the message you are putting across and…

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Ways To Improve Vocabulary Among Students

Posted on December 28, 2020

Vocabulary means range of words or language of a person. In simpler words, vocabulary means the set of words of a language that are known to a person. It plays an important role in defining the writing and communication skills of students. So, it is highly imperative for students to try and improve their vocabulary. Here are some tips to help students improve their vocabulary: Read: Developing a habit to read can help students in significantly improving their vocabulary because…

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Components Of Effective Reading

Posted on November 25, 2020

For reading to be effective, it is important for it to be a motivating experience. So, in order to ensure effective reading among students, it is important for teachers to use instructional materials with decodable texts and rich literature. They should use reading assessment tools, practice timely intervention with struggling readers and create an enthusiasm and appreciation for books among students at an early age. Let us take a look at each of the components of effective reading in detail:…

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Importance Of Reading In Life

Posted on October 29, 2020

Reading is a workout for the mind; it keeps the mind fresh, sharp and calm. It impacts every area of an individual's life right from school to one's career and beyond. Reading teaches, inspires, nudges and helps us in becoming the best version of ourselves. It is never too early or too late to start reading and reap its benefits. Following are some of the ways with which reading enriches the lives of readers: Improves Communication Skills: Good communication skills…

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How To Polish Reading Comprehension Skills

Posted on September 24, 2020

Building reading comprehension skills helps a reader in understanding the material being read to the best of his/her abilities. Better comprehension skills improve the experience of reading by making it enjoyable and easier. Examples of comprehension skills include summarizing, comparison, contrasting, problem-solving, self questioning, etc. Let us take a look at some ways to polish reading comprehension skills:   Vocabulary Enrichment: Level up your reading comprehension skills by improving and adding to your vocabulary. Understanding what you read makes it…

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Tips To Improve Learning Problems In Kids

Posted on August 22, 2020

Early discovery of learning disabilities in kids can help in developing optimal strategies to improve them. Children with learning disabilities require social and emotional support to work through the challenges. Such positive reinforcement can help ensure that they emerge with a strong sense of self-worth, confidence, and determination to improve their learning problem. Tips To Help Kids With Learning Problems: • Take Charge Of The Kid’s Education: Parent’s role in the child’s education is very important. They should take an…

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Fluency defines the ability to read with speed, accuracy and proper expression. Fluency speeds up the reading and makes it easier to comprehend complex text by improving vocabulary. It has immense impact on performance across all areas of the curriculum including writing skills. However, some readers may have reading disabilities that hamper their skills to read a text fluently. Here are a few strategies to develop fluency in struggling readers: • Allow Students To Read Aloud: If readers are facing…

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Identifying Reading Problems In Kids

Posted on June 24, 2020

According to various certified surveys, one in five school going kids have reading problems. The extent of reading problems may differ from child to child as each one has a different pace of learning. If a child has a reading problem (struggles to understand written words), it is important to determine its extent in order to provide timely assistance to improve his reading capabilities. Ways in which reading difficulties in kids can be identified are: Slow And Effortful Reading: If…

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One of the most transformative effects of digitalization can be seen in the education/learning department. Digital tools such as computers, smartphones, interactive white boards, cameras, online learning and reading products, etc. have made learning engaging and effective. However, in order to realize the full potential of digital education and integrate technology into learning activities, there are certain strategies that should be implemented. Following are the ways with which the effectiveness of digital tools can be ensured in the current education…

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To make a child focus on a subject/topic and get the most out of a curriculum, it is important for him to develop a genuine interest in the same. But every child is different in terms of learning capabilities. When it comes to students with learning differences, making them focus requires more effort on the part of the instructor in terms of support and a unique learning approach. Following are some strategies that can be helpful for improving the focus…

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