Learning to Read with My Brain

Posted on September 10, 2015

                                                                                  An informational blog for parents, teachers, students and those interested in current trends in thinking and learning  Blog Focus: A Year in the Life of a First Grader (Who is An Unconventional Learner)During the 2015 - 2016 school year I will…

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How To Increase Your Reading Speed

Posted on August 25, 2015

Reading is an invaluable skill that helps in most spheres of life including academics, business and leisure. However, it can be quite tedious and time consuming if your reading speed is slower than average. While an average individual reads almost 200 to 250 words per minute, the pace may also depend upon the material and purpose of reading. Along with the speed, it is equally important that you understand the information that is being read.Here are a few tips that…

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Fluency is an important part of reading as it offers a link between recognizing and understanding the usage of a word in a context. It is the ability of an individual to read a text precisely, quickly and with proper expression of stress, pauses as well as pitch. If one faces difficulty in reading with speed and needs to constantly stop in order to comprehend words, it is highly possible that the reading process will be quite daunting.See-N-Read Reading Tools…

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Common Reading Problems In Children

Posted on July 24, 2015

Reading difficulties are faced by most children and can occur due to several reasons. Learning information is a sequential process involving a combination of three different components, namely decoding, comprehension and retention. It is critical for parents and teachers to identify the source of a child’s difficulty and employ practical strategies that can help to improve reading skills.Given here are areas in which the child may face reading difficulties:DecodingStudents with reading difficulties may face problems in decoding the sound of…

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Students with dyslexia often tend to lay focus on identifying the pronunciation and spelling of unfamiliar words. This leads to them failing to comprehend the meaning of what they read. Dyslexia can not only lower a child’s performance in school but also cause problems throughout his life. Some of these can be loss of interest in studies, poor academic vocabulary and difficulty in getting a job.However, certain strategies, when correctly utilized by teachers and parents, can help to improve reading…

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The ability to comprehend and remember reading material is extremely important for students to be successful. Improving reading comprehension can help a reader connect better with the information given on a page and apply to his existing knowledge.Here are some useful tools to improve student’s reading comprehension skills:Pre-Reading Tasks: Before beginning to read the text, students must be asked to take a brief review of what the topic discusses. They must be encouraged to recollect as much information as they…

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Tips To Help Struggling Readers

Posted on June 19, 2015

Helping a struggling reader overcome his reading difficulties can be a challenging task. However, being a parent or teacher, the first step is identifying the problem area and intervening at an early stage.A reading difficulty may manifest itself in the following ways:Students are unable to successfully learn a reading concept altogetherThey tend to forget the concept after learningThey learn and memorize the concept but are unable to apply it in real life situations Here are some tips to help struggling readers…

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Welcome to See-N-Read® Blog

Posted on April 16, 2015

 Thinking & Learning Blog An informational blog for parents, teachers, students and those interested in current trends in thinking and learning.   Blog Focus: This blog focuses on brain-based tips and strategies to improve thinking and learning for all ages. Statistics tell us that a significant number of students are struggling to be successful in school. This is no different than in days past, but today, utilizing on new brain research, we have the capability to identify and help students who…

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